We had to do it. We asked ChatGPT which will be the most popular cocktails.

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For those that are not sure what ChatGPT actually is, it describes itself as a super-smart computer program created by OpenAI. It can talk and write in a way that sounds just like a real person. It learned how to do this by reading lots and lots of things on the internet, so it knows a whole bunch of information. You can ask it questions or talk to it like you would with a friend, and it will try to give you helpful and friendly answers. It’s like having a really smart robot friend that knows almost everything!

This basically means that you can consider ChatGPT as a smart computer friend that knows a lot and talks “like” a person (we all know one of them!)

So, to determine the potential popularity of cocktails during Exeter Cocktail Week, we inputted the full list of cocktails and then their descriptions were analysed. A few seconds later and based on current cocktail trends and flavour preferences, a selection of cocktails with the potential to be popular was identified by ChatGPT. The analysis considered factors such as flavour profiles, ingredient combinations, and current consumer preferences within the cocktail industry.

This is what ChatGPT told us:

Determining the most popular cocktail from the list can be subjective and influenced by individual preferences. However, based on current cocktail trends and popular flavor profiles, the following options have the potential to be popular choices:

  1. Purple Emperor (Artigiano): This cocktail combines tequila, rose vodka, and a blend of fruity and citrus flavors, making it an appealing choice for those who enjoy a balanced and refreshing drink.
  2. Mango Dream (Artigiano): With overproof rum, coconut rum, and tropical flavors like coconut and mango, this cocktail offers a tropical and indulgent experience, likely to attract fans of fruity and creamy drinks.
  3. Strawberry Delight (Artigiano): Gin-based with strawberry accents, this cocktail provides a combination of sweet and tangy flavors. It appeals to gin lovers and those who enjoy fruity and aromatic cocktails.
  4. Badavi’s Cooler (Badavi’s Lounge): This vibrant cocktail features Midori, blue curaçao, and glitter, creating an eye-catching and playful drink. Its colorful appearance and fruity flavors make it a potential hit among cocktail enthusiasts.
  5. Exeter Heatwave (The Bootlegger): Combining vodka, strawberry, and a touch of Tabasco, this cocktail offers a unique blend of sweet, tangy, and spicy flavors. It appeals to individuals seeking a more adventurous and flavorful experience.
  6. Electric Lemonade (Quayside Distillery): With its refreshing combination of lemon verbena vodka, blue curaçao, and soda, this cocktail is likely to attract those who appreciate zesty and citrusy flavors.
  7. Lavender Fields (The Botanist Exeter): Featuring Hendrick’s Gin, grapefruit, lavender, and cucumber, this cocktail offers a botanical and aromatic profile. It caters to fans of floral-infused drinks seeking a sophisticated and fragrant option.
  8. Cubanana Punch (The Cocktail Club): With its blend of gold rum, banana liqueur, and tropical flavors, this punch provides a fruity and exotic experience. It is ideal for those who enjoy rum-based cocktails with a tropical twist.
  9. Punch Drunk (The Mermaid): This rum-based cocktail combines grapefruit and pineapple flavors, along with banana liqueur and grenadine. Its tropical and fruity profile is likely to appeal to those seeking a vibrant and sweet drink.
  10. Mayan Hurricane (The Terrace): With its tequila base, passionfruit liqueur, and citrusy notes, this cocktail offers a tropical and tangy experience. It is an enticing choice for fans of tequila and exotic flavor combinations.

Ultimately, the popularity of these cocktails may vary based on factors such as personal taste, individual preferences, and the atmosphere and ambiance of the venue.

An interesting and well-thought-out analysis of the line-up, I’d say, but not without its mistakes.

The good news is that if you want to go with its recommendations, the majority are available for just £5 with your wristband.

Exeter Cocktail Week kicks off on May 31st and wristband collections begin on May 25th. If you haven’t purchased a wristband yet, you can grab one here.